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Brand Guidelines

Use this guide as an overview of the key elements which help to bring the Steam It Clean brand to life.


The Steam It Clean brand is designed to be:

  • Classic-looking to appear established, but with a clean modern edge to reflect the state-of-the-art technology and equipment used.

  • More mature than youthful, to reflect the target audience which is mainly wealthy village-dwellers in Wiltshire and surrounding counties.

  • Serious at first glance, but with playfulness and friendliness underlying the copy and the designs. Balance between professional and friendly.

  • Luxurious but restrained and minimal look and feel to appeal to high-end clients, as well as reflecting the high-quality service and results.

  • Geometric to reflect Mark's "symmetrical" personality, sharpness and attention to detail. Suggests consistency of service and results.


The Steam It Clean logo is the most recognisable aspect of the brand. 

Because the brand is not yet well-known, the logo should generally be used along with the wordmark that carries the business name.

There are several variations of the logo/wordmark arrangement, so the best one can be used to fit a specific situation. 

Vertical arrangement 1

Vertical, light version

Vertical, dark version

Horizontal arrangement

Horizontal, light version

Horizontal, dark version

Usage guidelines:

  • The vertical and horizontal ratio of the logo should not be changed, as otherwise the image will get distorted

  • The colours of the logo and the wordmark should not be changed to any colours other than the approved combinations above

  • The logo (excluding the wordmark) should not be used at a size any smaller than 66 pixels wide and 70 pixels tall, so that the details can still be seen


The use of colour in the Steam It Clean brand balances luxury with contemporary colour combinations. Royal blue and gold are the two primary colours in the brand to achieve this effect.


Hex: #F6C324

RGB: (246, 195, 36)

Yellow-Gold is a primary brand colour but should be used with care as it can be overwhelming in large quantities. It's used in the logo, primary CTAs, and some accents.

Royal Blue

Hex: #191970

RGB: (25, 25, 112)

Royal Blue is a primary brand colour and is used for headings, CTAs, graphics, and as a background in the website footer. It can be used as a background in digital or print.

Cosmic Cobalt

Hex: #393984

RGB: (57, 57, 132)

Cosmic Cobalt is a secondary colour that is used sparingly to create a subtle but noticeable contrast to Royal Blue. It is used for some CTAs and in parts of the footer.


Hex: #F8F8FB

RGB: (248, 248, 251)

Off-white is a secondary colour and is used for backgrounds across the website and designs made for digital and print. It provides a subtle contrast with White.



RGB: (255, 255, 255)

White is a secondary colour and is used as the main background on the website. It is also used for typography and graphic elements on top of Royal Blue or Cosmic Cobalt.


Hex: #000000

RGB: (0, 0, 0)

Black is a secondary colour and is used for most of the typography on the website. It can also be used for some graphic elements, but its main use is for typography.


The Steam It Clean brand consists of 2 fonts: Della Respira, and Magreb. Della Respira is available for download from Google Fonts, and Magreb is a premium font purchased by Goosio Creative for this brand.

Della Respira

Della Respira is a revival of the luxurious and beautiful 1913 Della Robbia typeface by American Type Founders. It is used in the logo and for H1 and H2 headings.


Magreb is a classic serif font by the 38-lineart studio, accentuating softness and conveying luxury. It is highly readable and is used for H3 headings, as well as P1-P3 paragraph text as part of this brand.

Across the website, a standard set of Font Styles are used, which can be replicated in any future digital or print materials. The sizes of each font style are shown based on the size for Desktop/Mobile.

H1 Header - Della Respira, 47px/30px

H2 Header - Della Respira, 40px/24px

H3 Header - Magreb Semi Bold Italic, 25px/20px

P1 Paragraph - Magreb Medium, 22px/18px

P2 Paragraph - Magreb Regular, 20px/18px

P3 Paragraph - Magreb Italic, 19px/17px


The Steam It Clean brand is supported and expressed mainly through the use of photography produced by the company itself.

Hero image.png

Hero image guidelines:

Hero images for digital or print should be refined-looking action shots taken of Mark and his team (i.e. not stock photos). These should be masked into a five-point shape such as this.

General photography:

Other photography across digital and print should mostly be shots taken by Mark, the Steam It Clean team, and clients. Occasionally, high-quality stock photos that look organic can be used, but only where necessary.

Commercial sofa.jpg
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