1. Careful inspection of the floor is essential to identify the type of cleaning and products that can be used.

2. Test the product on the floor in an inconspicuous area.

3. Generally, for natural stone for example a professional cleaning solution is applied by mop to the surface and grout. 

4. A Professional scrubbing machine is used to work the solution into the surface to break down dirt, grease and preexisting seal or polish. Stubborn or problematic areas are treated further.

5. The surface is then washed with clean water and the solution and dirt removed.

6. The area is the allowed to dry.

7. Dependant on the material coatings of sealer can be applied to protect the material from dirt penetration.

8. Many materials can be cleaned but the method and product much depends on the material. Travertine, limestone, flagstone are popular, safety flooring, linoleum are more likely found in business premises.

                Below a travertine floor cleaned and resealed. See Gallery for more.